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D    A    N    I    E    L      

 T    A    V    E    I    R    A


An eye between emotion and reality - synonymous of sensitivity, emotional weakness, or absolute truth? Psychological deficiency or reverse values? Virtual reality, physical, mental or spiritual? Agony, peace, pleasure, pain, dreams, losses, faith, unbelief, in another time, an insensitive cancer, subtle murmurs, death in drops. Each picture in the book has a context full of real stories, much more than a click, they are feelings. More than images, they are pieces of lives.


CEO, Centro Unibes Cultural 

 São Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Taveira lapidates the image in the craftsmanship of the photographer. I accompany his work, which in each definite theme, shows an expression that best formulates his restlessness as an artist. It allows journalistic, documentary and artistic resources with so much power and technique that, in the end, certifies their creative identity.


Founder of The House of Arts

Curator / Photographer, Miami, USA

Daniel Taveira uses photography as a tool of expression and his soul as his guide. Daniel’s photographic documentary art is striking, unforgettable, and causes those who observe to think and question paradigms that many still prefer to maintain or keep in silence. 


Founder of The55Project, Marketing,

Art Consultant & Promoter, Miami, USA

Daniel Taveira seeks the emotion. His humanistic photography portrays the rural, the tribes, the everyday, the social theme, focusing on the rawest humanity. But it is with all this language loaded with truths, characters and stories that it shows that it is possible to turn struggle, resistance and resilience into beautiful images. 


CEO, Museu de Arte

Sacra de São Paulo, Brazil

The photographer Daniel Taveira works with two equipments simultaneously: his camera and his soul. I believe that, just like that, could capture not of people themselves, but of their interiors.

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