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Anthropogenic is the consequence of past actions that result in the constant climate changes of the present. Anthropogenic means effects, processes, objects, or materials that are derived from human activities, as opposed to those that occur in natural environments without human influence. The images are translated in scenes of desolation, highlighting the disagreement between humanity and the natural world. The project aims to excite introspection about our relationship with nature, the fragility of the atmosphere, and the urgency of addressing the impacts of climate, transporting viewers to a not-distant future, where the effects of our actions have run over the environment. Anthropogenic is a tool designed to make people aware of the forced environmental mutation, impacting in a visually dramatic, futuristic and apocalyptic way. Anthropogenic is a journey into scenes that reveals the remains of ecosystems that were once full of life, now transformed into dried and barren lands. These images capture a paradoxical relationship, portraying individuals struggling to adapt to the disability generated by pollution. Human subjects that embodies our responsibilities as stewards of the earth and shapes vulnerability as resilience in the face of the anthropocene.

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