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In the Omo Valley, a region in Ethiopia known for its culture and diversity, there are 46 ethnic groups and tribes including the Benna, Ari, Mursi, Bume, Kari, Tsemay, Konso, Hammer, Dassecnech and Borenna. Their lives are little affected by the outside world, and what they need to survive is extracted from nature. ORIGIN - Ethiopia has awakened in me the best of the beauty of the races. The history of Ethiopia is documented as one of the oldest. According to recent discoveries, the species Homo Sapiens, to which we belong, would originate in this region, and from there spread throughout to the world. The oldest remains of a human ancestor ever found, estimated to be about five million years old, were discovered in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia. The most famous fossil in the world, known as 3.2-year-old Lucy, was discovered in the same area in 1974. ORIGIN makes me see in the Ethiopian, part of creation, with much greater representativeness than anything humanity has made and built in the last centuries. Whenever I close my eyes, the Ethiopians tribes pop up in my mind and flood my heart, and what I really want is to eternalize the stories of each of these human beings.

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