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We are Children of God, no matter our nationality, race, religion, beauty, eye color, or earned wrinkles.  We are Children of God, regardless of sex, socioeconomics, profession, or stature.  We are Children of God no matter our age, tastes, cultures, sexual orientation or lifestyle.  We are all Children of God with joys, sorrows, achievements, and tears …thoughts, wishes and desires. The most important aspect of my work is to feel the people I’m capturing through my lenses and illustrate their individual human interest stories.  I see every detail about this as part of creation.  I see people as they are and not as society dictates they should be, not just as people, but as true Children of God.  I feel and …in a fraction of a second what I really desire is to eternalize the stories of each of these Children of God, regardless of their beliefs, cultures, races and religions.

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