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Everybody has a secret. They are usually connected to sexual desires that are hidden from your first temptations. Tell me something you don’t wanna tell me. Tell me something that you have been hiding even from yourself during your entire life. Tell me something you never were able to tell anyone else. Take off all your fears from deep down, far in and free yourself for what you really want. It’s time to start to walk in the strange path of your pleasures, excuse your religion and face your monsters, they are not stronger than your desires. Take off your masks, put aside your traumas, be totally naked of your refinement. You are a human being like any other. Show your audacity, confidence, pride, will. Show who you really are. The desire for me is like a minefield full of bouncing bombs: you never get a glimpse of when you are going to step on one. Once over, it locks you in a fraction of a second. The system that measures time speeds up, turning a day into a minute. The tension makes your ability to think upon solutions, and until that exact moment you will have to take a decision to remove your foot. And when you do it, this bomb bounces up to your chest and explodes. At that instant, from the moment the pump starts to rise to the height of your chest, your brain transcends, fear and fright making your body feel a whirlwind of sensations before it disintegrates.

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