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Daniel Taveira was born in Tocantinopolis, Tocantins, Brazil. In 2010, after putting aside his Masters Degree in Finances from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Taveira moved to Mexico. In Mexico, he met renowned photographer Nadine Markova and became her disciple. Studying under Markova, Taveira began to pursue the "decisive instant," which meant his lenses would capture the uniqueness of everyday moments through light, colors, forms, expressions and predominantly emotions. He has a talent for highlighting the mood of his subject, whether it may be a living soul or an inanimate object. His love for balance and geometry are serenely evident in each piece as a calling card for Taveira’s calculating approach to personal expression. Taveira's portraits are lavish depictions of humanity's diversity, his photographs are pristine in technique, abundant, full of colors and movements.



|   2023 - MFF - Photography Museum of Fortaleza, CE, BRAZIL.
|   2023 - MAQRO - Art Museum of Queretaro, Qro, MEXICO. 

|   2022 - PHOTO ISRAEL - MEITAR Award Exhibition - Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.

|   2022 - Itanhaém Alfredo Volpi, Pinacoteca Municipal, SP, BRAZIL.

|   2021 - Art Sacred Museum of São Paulo, SP, BRAZIL.

|   2021 - Projete Arte - Zero Gallery and Art Sacred Museum, SP, BRAZIL.

|   2020 - ENFOQUE - Regional Museum of Queretaro - INAH, MEXICO.

|   2020 - National Museum of World’s Culture - INAH, Mexico City, MEXICO.

|   2019 - Regional Museum of Tlaxcala - INAH, Tlaxcala, MEXICO.

|   2019 - INAH - National Institute of Anthropology and History, MEXICO.

|   2018 - Concrete Space "Collective Expo", Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES.

|   2018 - Indian Photo Festival ‘Fair", Shoot the Frame, Hyderabad, INDIA.

|   2018 - History and Folklore Museum of Olympia, São Paulo, BRAZIL.

|   2018 - Art & Design Gallery "Collective Expo", Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES.

|   2018 - Diversity Museum of São Paulo "Group", SP, BRAZIL.

|   2018 - FCP - Cultural Foundation of Palmas - Urban.o - BRAZIL.

|   2018 - Coffee Gallery - Sublime Etnias - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

|   2017 - FCP - Cultural Foundation of Palmas - Children of God - BRAZIL.
|   2017 - Coffee Gallery - Faces n' Places - Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL.

|   2017 - Spectrum Miami Art Show "Fair", Florida, UNITED STATES.

|   2017 - Art Sacred Museum of Campinas, Campinas, BRAZIL.

|   2017 - ArtBrazil "Fair", Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES.

|   2017 - Art Sacred Museum of São Paulo, São Paulo, BRAZIL.

|   2016 - ArtBrazil "Fair", Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES.

|   2016 - Art Sacred Museum of Queretaro, Queretaro, MEXICO.

|   2016 - House of Art Gallery “Double Exposure”, Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A.

|   2014 - Veracruz Cultural and Social Center "Collective", Mexico City, MEXICO.


|   2023 - ReFocus Awards - People’s Vote - Black and White Photo Contest.
|   2022 - The International Portrait Photographer of the Year - 1st Place.
|   2022 - EPA-European Photography Awards - Platinum Winner - Environment

|   2022 - New York Photography Awards - Gold Winner.
|   2022 - ND Awards - Neutral Density Photography Awards - 3rd Place.
|   2022 - Annual Photo Awards - Who I have become - H.M.
|   2022 - MEITAR Award - For Excellence in Photography - Finalist.

|   2022 - Silver Winner - New York Photography Awards.
|   2022 - Platinum Winner - EPA - European Photography Awards - Religious.
|   2022 - Lens Culture - Editors’ Pick - Summer Open 2022 - Photo Series.

|   2022 - FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards - Category: People. 

|   2022 - FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards  - Category: Nude.
|   2022 - Monovisions Photography Awards - Grand Prize, Single - H.M. People.

|   2022 - ND Awards - Neutral Density Photography Awards - H.M.

|   2021 - Monochrome Awards - International Black and White - H. M. 

|   2019 - Chromatic Awards - Grand Prize Professional - H. M. People. 

|   2018 - Monochrome Awards - International Black and White - H. M. 

|   2018 - Shoot The Frame International Photography Award, Best Portrait.

|   2017 - Honors Award Overall Outstanding Participation, ArtBrazil. 

|   2017 - Press Choice Award Photography, ArtBrazil.



CEO, Centro Unibes Cultural 

 São Paulo, Brazil

Founder of Comunicación Spread

Mexico City, Mexico

Founder of The House of Arts

Curator / Photographer

Miami, USA

CEO, Museu de Arte

Sacra de São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Taveira uses photography as a tool of expression and his soul as his guide. Daniel’s photographic documentary art is striking, unforgettable, and causes those who observe to think and question paradigms that many still prefer to maintain or keep in silence. 

Daniel Taveira lapidates the image in the craftsmanship of the photographer. I accompany his work, which in each definite theme, shows an expression that best formulates his restlessness as an artist.

It allows journalistic, documentary and artistic resources with so much power and technique that, in the end, certifies their creative identity

The photographer Daniel Taveira works with two equipments simultaneously: his camera and his soul. I believe that, just like that, could capture not of people themselves, but of their interiors.

Daniel Taveira has been able to demonstrate, after years of pursuing the most authentic essence of the inhabitants of this world. His images blur religions, sex and beliefs to tell us that our origin is the same as that of a child who walks barefoot in Africa, a fisherman who gets up early in Brazil, someone who covers his face, except his eyes, in anywhere in the world. 

Foto PW 2015 oculos.jpeg
2ab copy.jpg

Founder of The55Project

Marketing, Art Consultant & Promoter

Miami, USA

Chairwoman, Founder of BCMA South America / Head of Branded Content & Entertainment Strategy, São Paulo, Brazil

Film-maker / Founder of ASAS, 

Creative Intelligence

São Paulo, Brazil

Advertising Man

Querétaro, México

Daniel Taveira moves us beyond measure to discover and capture the great truth that inhabits the individuals in their communities, in the most diverse cultures. While this incredible photographer surrenders and embraces, without filters, human truth, presents us with an immensity of integrity and vulnerability, and in infinite doses.

Daniel Taveira, a look at the Diversity of Feeling. A moment, a look, and a click eternalizing an image, a gesture, a feeling, a whole life story. His photography is able to define a new way of looking at life, of recording the simplest events of daily life in such an engaging way that everything seems magnificently strong and expansive. 

Daniel Taveira seeks the emotion. His humanistic photography portrays the rural, the tribes, the everyday, the social theme, focusing on the rawest humanity. But it is with all this language loaded with truths, characters and stories that it shows that it is possible to turn struggle, resistance and resilience into beautiful images. 

The mystique that Daniel Taveira's brings, raises the anonymous to the divine. A magnificent record around the world that connects us with the humanity that inhabits us. It is perhaps the only opportunity of these anonymous lives to say:


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