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Daniel Taveira's lens shows the strength, the adaptability and the spirit of the favelas. The members of the photographed community belong to the ONG Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, an organization that conceives the consequence of their actions as the EFECTO SHIVA, which in spiritual terms, is the result of a redemptive process of death that leads to a blissful rebirth. This project was named EFECTO SHIVA by evoking the reality of the favelas, a world of chaos and destruction. Despite such dramatic circumstances, this Cultural Group opted for the denial of violence, revenge and destruction, to adopt Afro-Brazilian art and culture as a cure, a rebirth, a regenerative process and an act of faith. This community has managed, through creativity, to free themselves from the deep marginalization and violence associated with favelas. To achieve the above, they have had to let their past die and be reborn in an environment free of ties and recriminations.

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